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welcome to recycled bicycles!

the purpose of this site is to give you information on how recycled bicycles works.

my name is vitor and I've been living in amsterdam for several years now. since the beginning I couldn't help noticing the huge amount of good stuff people throw away, including, of course, bicycles. sometimes good bicycles!

being a bmx rider soon taught me how to fix my own bike, and there isn''t a big difference between my 20 inch bike and an "oma fiets". so i went to the kamer van koop handel and told them what i wanted to do. that's how reciclar by vitor was born. that's the official name of my company, and recycled bicycles is the advertising name that actually represents what i do.

i think it's a shame that so many bike parts in good condition are thrown away. what i'm trying to do is put back together complete bicycles with all the parts i find.
on some cases, i need to buy new parts, like seats, tires, chain protectors, or even wheels. however, I always try to make the bicycles as cheap as possible, so that I can offer an alternative between a second hand bike shop and the "fiets te koop" guy.

this was actually one of the reasons why i started doing what i do, so that my friends wouldn't have to buy stolen bikes. keep in mind, to buy is to support and every stolen bike you buy keeps the vicious circle going. I don't want to loose my transportation just because you want a cheap bike (thanks joe !).

if you're studying or working here for a short time and buy a bike from me, before you leave i can buy it back for one third of the price, depending on the condition of the bike, of course. thank you for taking the time to check out this site.